Except after patch Tuesday, that is. German network analysis company Ipoque just published a little preview to their next P2P survey that will be unvealed at the MIT Emerging Technologies Conference in September. One of the more surprising tidbits is that Skype apparently has a bigger network data footprint than many would have thought. After all, it's only VOIP, right? From Ipoque the press release:

"As P2P continues to dominate, other applications have risen in popularity. While Joost does not yet cause the traffic volume many Internet providers fear, Skype, although being a low-bandwidth application, generates up to 2% of the overall traffic in certain networks."

Granted, certain networks isn't really too specific. We'll just have to wait a few weeks to find out if it's about the UK's broadband network or Ipoque's LAN. The company's other findings are similiarly unspecific and yet somewhat intruiging:

"BitTorrent has become the globally dominating P2P protocol with a share of 50-75% of all P2P traffic. eDonkey exhibits a regionally varying popularity with shares between 5-50% of all P2P. In certain regions, other protocols have gained a significant importance. In the Baltic States, for instance, DirectConnect has a proportion of about 30% of P2P."

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