The New York Times had an interesting article a couple days ago about a trade conflict between Antigua and the US. Antigua has been home to several online casinos that target, amongst others, US gamblers. Business has been thorny though, mostly because online gambling is illegal for US residents.

Antigua filed a trade complaint against the US in front of the World Trade Organization back in 2003, and scored repeat victories - only to see the WTO rulings ignored by Washington. Now the island is asking for an unusual form of damages. From the article:

"But not complying with the decision presents big problems of its own for Washington. Thatís because Mr. Mendel, who is claiming $3.4 billion in damages on behalf of Antigua, has asked the trade organization to grant a rare form of compensation if the American government refuses to accept the ruling: permission for Antiguans to violate intellectual property laws by allowing them to distribute copies of American music, movie and software products, among others."

Maybe the next Allofmp3 will be based in Antigua - and actually sanctioned by the WTO ...

(via Podcasting News)

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