One of the downsides of having a niche blog with a little bit of a business / techology angle is that you get a lot of comments from people who don't really want to contribute to the discussion but simply pitch their product. I don't have a golden rule on how to deal with such comments. Usually I'm pretty lax, but I do tend to delete the sneakier stuff, like links to questionable Russian online music websites that feature an affiliate id ...

Today I got another comment that was a little too much over the top. Someone from Gigatribe send me this extremely long rant about their personal P2P product, including a top ten list of arguments on why I should feature Gigatribe on this blog. Reason number one was kind of amusing though:

"1. The best way to share full-length porn movies with friends!!!"

Now that's what I call honest. Gigatribe definitely seems to have a good idea about their target audience and its needs. I couldn't tell if it is true because Gigatribe is Windows only. I work on a Mac, and I bought it for the articles. No, really. But if anyone wants to try if swapping porn works better with Gigatribe than, say, Allpeers - by all means give it a try and then let us know about it in the comments.

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