Limewire officially announced their music download store today. The store will be web-based and feature DRM-free MP3 downloads from various indie labels. The company is cooperating with digital distributor IRIS on the project, which will bring labels like Ninja Tune, Ghostly International and Kranky to the store. Nettwerk, known for managing Avril Lavigne and bashing the RIAA, is also joining up with Limewire.

limewire store

The Limewire music store has been long in the making. The company originally intended to cooperate with Weedshare to distribute Windows Media DRM files directly through the Gnutella network, but is now settling for a more traditional and customer-friendly solution.

Tracks will initially only be available on the website of the Limewire shop, but the P2P client will display links to these downloads when people search for any relevant tracks. The store will also offer a subscription package, which I imagine will be Emusic-style, meaning that you get a set amount of tracks per month for 10 or 15 dollars. No word yet on the launch date of the store, but there is already a placeholder set up at

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