Ever wondered how Viacom is able to demand hundreds of thousands of take-downs from Youtube? No, they don't have semi-intelligent bots scouring the video site. Instead, they rely on good old manual labor - in this case subcontracted through BayTSP. The Wall Street Journal has a great article about the folks who do the dirty cleansing work for Viacom:

"Tethered to his computer by headphones, Mr. Bersik on a recent day played the music video of R&B singer Akon's hit song 'Don't Matter' on YouTube. The logo of the MTV Jams TV channel was visible at the bottom of the clip. The 53-year-old Mr. Bersik watched for a minute then fired an alert to a colleague who sent an email requesting that YouTube take it down. In about two hours, the video was gone."

So how much do you get in exchange for bleeding eyes caused by watching blurry Flash videos eight hours a day? 11 bucks per hour, and there is now word about benefits in the article. The Journal does however mention "subsidized sodas". At least they're not thirsty.

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