still hasn't shut down - but it isn't exactly getting easier for rogue Russian MP3 sites either. The French collective licensing bodies SACEM and SDRM have sued Allofmp3 and, demanding an end of their business operations and the payment of damages for the unauthorized use of French musicians' works.

Guess the Allofmp3 team won't travel to France anytime soon. Of course they don't have a lot of money for travel expenses these days anyway: Visa and Mastercard stopped processing payments for the website last year.

Now one of the last remaining payment operators for Allofmp3 and Alltunes threatens to cut off the sites as well. is reporting that Chronopay plans to cease business releations with any website that is licensed by the controversial Russian collective licensing society by April 1st.

But the case doesn't seem to be too clear cut: Chronopay will continue to work with sites that are signed up with ROMS competitor FAIR - a similiar licensing body that licenses collective rights for MP3 downloads - rights that aren't theirs to sell in the first place, according to record companies. From the aricle:

'“FAIR is not any better in this case than ROMS”, said Sergei Bobza, Deputy Director on procedural and institutional questions of the Stile-Records company. “We are not content with the fact somebody is defending our rights without our permission. The recent move to disconnect sites not having FAIR licenses is just an attempt to restructure the market.”'

Still, it could be dangerous for Right now Chronopay is the only payment operator still working with Allomp3 affiliate - a site that is supposedly licensed by Cutting this off woud take away the last remaining payment option for music downloads.

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