Online video converter has just added Bittorrent support to its platform, eanbling you to share online videos and home movie clips as Torrents with a few mouse clicks.

heywatch torrent

Heywatch is one of many online video conversion platforms that have popped up in recent weeks. It offers the capability to scrape online videos from platforms like Youtube or Revver and convert them into a multitute of formats.

Heywatch now also offers Torrent links for these videos in addition to direct downloads. From their blog:

"Wanna share your favorite videos with your family, friends, colleagues or anybody else? Do it right now with the new feat weve just added: you can now download your file in .torrent clicking the T icon under each encoded video."

The link to the Torrent is also emailed to you if you have email notifications for encoded videos enabled. Heywatch is hosting / superseeding the video for 12 hours. Users can continue to seed their own video afterwards. Heywatch is apparently using the tracker for this offering.


I've tested Heywatch before and found it useful but almost too complicated. Videos are limited to ten minutes max. to prevent users from eating up too much processing time as well as converting all those 24 episodes they found online. Free accounts are also limited to 10 encoding sessions per month, with "pro" accounts costing five dollars per month.

I still can't imagine anybody would pay for this, and I'd think the increasing competition will eventually force Heywatch to switch to a free for all service with reasonable limitations. They can probably make more money licensing their technology to other platforms - and the Torrent hosting seems like a nice addition to their feature set.

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