The De:Bug blog has a funny story today that shows how much police officers in Germany care about file sharing. Not much at all, apparently.

German internet users have been tormented by a new wave of trojan horse E-Mail spam lately. The messages pretend to come from the German federal police, which is known as the BKA, and warn their recipients that they have been caught using P2P networks to download movies, music or software. The message goes on stating that the recipient's ISP is informed and he or she will face persecution and possibly jailtime of up to five years.

One German Bittorrent user apparently got this message when he came home from a party slightly intoxicated. He panicked and decided to call up the number that was mentioned in the spam mail right away - even tho it was already 11pm.

Turns out, the number was real, and the BKA is having some nice folks doing their night shifts. The officer who picked up the phone explained that the e-mail was bogus and that there wasn't any case, which is why he gave the caller some friendly advice: "Just keep downloading music!"

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