Speaking of television: It looks like Bittorrent-enabled TV sets might not be that far away. IAdea and Star Semiconductor announced this week that they developed a Bittorrent-optimized chipset for consumer electronics devices.

The chip will allow Bittorrent integration for routers, set top boxes and all kinds of other non-PC hardware. Star Semiconductor CEO Steven Huang was quoted in the press release saying:

"Very soon our chip will enable millions of consumer devices to run BitTorrent and help consumers do what they do today on the PC using just a simple remote control."

Netgear also announced a cooperation with Bittorrent this week, but disappointed once you got a closer look at the details. The new Digital Entertainer HD media receiver will feature Bittorrent - on it's website.

The upcoming Bittorrent content store will somehow be inluded into Netgear's web offerings, but there won't be any Bittorrent code in the device itself. Asked by P2P Blog whether Netgear is working on any embedded solutions, their PR spokesperson only had to say that the company "isn't discussing any definite plans" about this right now.

Finally, NewTeeVee is having a more detailed look at The Venice Project. Turns out that TVP, much like Songbird and the Democracy Player, is based on XUL.

This supposedly enables the company to port the program to other platforms than Windows "within weeks not months". Mac OS X users all around the world are asking: So what are you waiting for?