The Gerrman copyfight and privacy weblog recently interviewed Lawrence Lessig about Creative Commons, DRM, performing rights organizations and the sharing economy. The whole interview is definitely worth watching, plus you can remix it as you like since it has been published unter a simple attribution license.

One question is particularly relevant for musicians who are thinking about releasing their music online:

Neztpolitik: "If I have a band and I release MP3s under a Non-Commercial license and Sony for example wants to get in contact with me but they just found my song in a filesharing or peer-to-peer network - how do they find me?"

Lawrence Lessig: Weve been working on this general problem of how you mark digital objects with licenses and MP3s an object which we solved a couple of years ago. If the MP3 is properly marked with a Creative Commons license, that MP3 has two links in it: one is a link to a URL that is the license, like the Non-Commercial license, and the other is a linkback to an authenticating web page that actually authenticates the license.

That web page is set up by the band for example releasing the music. So I should be able to go from that MP3 back to some web page to both figure out whether in fact this is licensed in the way the person says its licensed and also to discover who it is that licensed it. So ideally Sony should be able to click through back to that page, see the band thats licensed this, contact the person who indicates the contact information on that web page and say "Wed like to license this for our CD".

So, its very much a part of what were trying to do. Not just define the world between commercial and non-commercial - or at least enable that definition to be real - but also enable crossover, an easy way to get from the Non-Commercial license back to a place where somebody can talk about commercial rights if in fact thats what the user wants to do."

Watch the video snippet of this question here, or check out the entire interview here.

Tagging your MP3s with CC licensing information is possbile with the CC Publisher.

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