Now that didn't take long: Allofmp3's Music for Masses DRM apparently got hacked already. Music for Masses users can now convert their DRMed Allofmp3 downloads to unprotected MP3 files. The name of this hack? MusicForMe, of course.

Jordan Running from Downloadsquad reported the hack first:

"Now, given that AllOfMP3 is of questionable legality in the first place, using MusicForMe is undoubtedly all kinds of illegal, not to mention of entirely unknown origin and infested with who knows what, so under no circumstances do I recommend that you download it from this link. I did try it out myself, though--in the name of science, of course--and it seems to have worked flawlessly."

One of the Downloadsquad commenters had this to say about the inner workings of MusicForMe:

"This software doesn't "crack" the DRM per se, rather it simply dumps the MP3 files from memory after MusicForMasses has already decrypted it."

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