Germans love file sharing more than ever, according to a new study published today by the Leipzig-based Ipoque GmbH. In the daytime about 30 percent of the country's internet traffic is caused by P2P. At night this number goes up to a whopping 70 percent.

p2p protocols in germany

Ipoque believes that more than 90 percent of P2P traffic is caused by two protocols: Edonkey / Emule and Bittorrent. Gnutella only amounts for about two percent of the P2P traffic, and Kazaa is almost completely absent.

bittorrent use in germany

Bittorrent traffic is dominated by movie downloads, but Edonkey traffic seems to be a little more diverse - and naughty. From the Epoque press release:

"By looking at the number of shared files it becomes apparent, that small-volume content types such as e-books are massively shared, too. Music, movies, pornography and TV-series are the most often shared content types for BitTorrent. eDonkey's relative number of pornographic files is at 30% about twice as high as for BitTorrent."

Ipoque analyzed the traffic data of about 100 000 German households in October. Much like Cachelogic, the company hopes to boost sales of their traffic management solutions with this kind of research.

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