The collaborative CD database FreeDB has been bought by the German software maker Magix. From the FreeDB website:

"The decision in favour of MAGIX has given us a new prospect of further development, offered a congenial and comfortable atmosphere during difficult negotiations, and provided the newly implemented hardware with generous capacities."

FreeDB was in a bit of a shakeup this summer when most of the developers left due to disagreements over the future of the service. Now Magix vows to continue the development of the database under the terms of the GPL.

Magix is well known in Germany. Initally the company didn't have the best reputation because of many cheap music programs that targeted the teen market. Magix has diversified substantially during the last couple of years tho and now also owns and markets professional audio software like Samplitude.

The acquisition definitely makes sense for Magix. It saves them licensing costs for Gracenote, and at the same time there is a possibility of advancing quality control at FreeDB. We'll see how this will affect Gracenote, Musicbrainz and the FreeDB2 project.

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