Not every Russian download store seems to take the Allofmp3 approach: Slyck reader WildHeart noticed that scaled down its offerings dramatically to comply with the new Russian copyright laws.

Many western mainstream artists are completely missing, others have just one or two albums left up - probably because those albums didn't get released on major record labels. A search for Madonna only results in a karaoke CD. Metallica isn't avalable at all. Searching for Eminem gets you a song called "Better than Eminem", but that's about it.

WildHeart used to frequent the site before and reports that these aren't the only changes:

"The first thing I noticed when I visited the site was that the pricing - and my balance - was now in rubles instead of US dollars. I can't claim to be proficient in converting rubles to dollars, but the prices appear to be about double what they were yesterday."

It will be interesting to see how other Russian download sites will deal with the new situation.

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