Cnet claimed yesterday that Verizon has started to boot alleged P2P infringers off its network, three strikes-style. From the article:

"Months after Verizon Communications began issuing warnings to accused file sharers, the company has acknowledged that multiple offenses could result in a service interruption. 'We've cut some people off,' Verizon Online spokeswoman Bobbi Henson told CNET."

However, the company is backtracking today, and Henson is claiming that Cnet misquoted her, according to Broadband Reports:

"'That part of the CNET story is wrong,' she says. 'I did not say 'we've cut people off'; I said we reserve the right to do so.'"

So what is it? Hard to say, even though I'd think the quick retraction proves that Verizon is scared of even the idea of being perceived as a bully ISP that throttles folks or cuts them off. The company also has a history of standing up for its customers' right to a due process, going as far as fighting the RIAA in court to keep a subscriber's information confidential.

That doesn't mean that Verizon just ignores warning letters from rights holders. The company has acknowledged to send notices to customers that are alleged of trading files. These warning letters include a passage about the possibility of terminating an account in case of repeat infringement, but Henson insisted that these notices haven't led to any account terminations.

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