Limewire announced two new hires today: John Pavley is joining the company as VP of egineering and Shoshana Winter as VP of marketing. Winter is one of the co-founders of the pioneering social networking site Six Degrees, which in itself is pretty interesting, but the hire of Pavley should be a real eye opener. Here's a quick bio from the company's press release:

"Pavley comes to Lime Wire from Conductor, Inc., where as Chief Technology Officer, he led R&D, Development, Technical Operations, and IT for the company. Prior to Conductor, Inc., Pavley was Chief Technology Officer of ContextWeb, where he managed R&D, Development, Technical Operations, Q & A and IT with both local and offshore resources. He joined ContextWeb after a term as VP Business Systems Engineering for Yahoo! Search Marketing."

Oh yeah, and before that, he worked for Doubleclick. Just in case you're not familiar with all of those companies: Conductor is doing SEO management and optimization, Contextweb runs a contextual ad exchange and Yahoo Search Marketing is essentially Google Adsense in purple.

Limewire has been working on a contextual ad platform for its P2P client and its growing family of web sites for at least two years now. The ad platform is still in stealth mode, and part of it is actually developed by a separate corporate entity in California, but Pavley's hire certainly tells me that the company is taking these efforts very serious.

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