Adam Fisk used to be a senior software engineer at Limewire until Jaunuary 2004. Now he has started blogging - and in turn dropping hints on what he's up to now.

Adam's new venture Last Bamboo LLC apparently combines the VOIP protocol SIP with file sharing and other P2P services. Their first product is called Little Shoot and is in private beta since early June. The Last Bamboo website is access restricted, but thankfully one of their founders has put up some static pages about Little Shoot:

"Little Shoot fuses open source p2p technology, social networking, personal web serving, and next generation VoIP protocols (SIP). In so doing, Little Shoot offers users the ability to search, browse, download and securely share with friends, all through the browser."

Little shoot apparently allows you to share files with the general public or with a selected set of friends, using a social network architecture to facilitate access control. Here's a simple overview of their network topology:

little shoot architecture

Note that the people in the middle are the Last Bamboo founders Adam Fisk, Brendan Klinger, Doug Price, Jerry Charumilind and Yusuke Naito.

There's also some screenshots available here, here, here and here. Overall, this looks like a pretty exciting project. The social P2P space might get pretty crowded by the end of the year, but I think therer will be plenty of opportunities. After all, we haven't seen a real innovation in the P2P space in terms of content discovery for years.

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