Remember that 1984 Apple parody video that Techcrunch reported about the other day? It was a viral ad for Doubletwist, the company of Jon Johansen aka DVD Jon. The video was filmed in the style of the original Apple ad introducing the first Mac, witht he difference that the Orwell-esque big brother in this case wasn't IBM, but Steve Jobs himself. The ad ended with the promise:

"On October 6th, Doudbletwist brings you choice."

So what's choice? The Doubletwist website hasn't been completely updated yet, but you can already download the new release, if you're a Mac user, anyway. Turns out choice is something like iTunes lite.


The new version of Doubletwist comes complete with an integration of the Amazon MP3 store, making it possible for the first time to buy, download and sync music with your iPod that doesn't come from iTunes. The Amazon integration is very minimalist, which means you can't do much more than search for music and browse through the store's Top 100. That's probably enough for many users, but you'd still have to switch to Amazon's site (or iTunes, for that matter) if you wanted to preview songs.

Doubletwist also supports organizing your music in playlists, publishing photos to Facebook and Flickr, uploading videos to Youtube and syncing with a bunch of different devices aside from the iPod or iPhone.

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