Wifi crowd-sourcing start-up Fon started to sell its new Fonera 2.0N router a few days ago. The router, which goes for 100 bucks a pop, comes with an integrated download manager for one-click hosting sites as well as the Bittorrent client Transmission, making it possible to download files to an external hard drive connected via USB even when your PC is offline. From the Fon website:

"Connect your external hard drive to the Fonera 2.0n and you can download* torrents or files directly to it from services like RapidShare. You can also upload videos automatically from the hard drive to YouTube, or photos to Facebook, Flickr and Picasa."

fonera n router

Fonera owners are per default sharing their bandwidth with the Fon community and in turn have the right to use any of roughly 700,000 Fon hot spots for free. Router owners can theoretically even make some money from paying Fon users, but one shouldn't expect to get rich from this. Still, it sounds like a pretty nice router, and users are free to turn off the bandwidth sharing option any time.

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