Itís that time of the year again: TV networks are debuting new shows and hoping that established names will bring in huge ratings. These numbers became even more important than usual after Techcrunch published an internal email of CBS Interactive CEO Quincy Smith this week. Smith had forwarded to his staff a Contentinople article in which TV exes railed against Hulu, and suggested: ďWe should think about how hard it would be to prove that some ratings declines are a result of reckless hulu streamsÖĒ

CBS has been having a couple of good nights lately, with shows such as The Mentalist holding up against audience darlings like Greyís Anatomy, and new shows like NCIS Los Angeles pulling in record audiences. But is that really because CBS is shunning Hulu and only posting full episodes of some of its shows to its own sites, and Is free online TV to blame for bad network TV premiere ratings? Take a look at fall TV shows popping up on torrent sites, and youíre gonna see a different picture. Continue reading on

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