Mike Masnick of Techdirt this week points us to a presentation made by Paramount COO Frederick Huntsberry, who was invited by the FCC to take part in a hearing entitled “The Role of Content in the Broadband Ecosystem.” Huntsberry used his presentation to offer a quick primer on piracy, showing the commission just how easy it is to pirate movies online. In fact, it’s so easy that Paramount apparently asked the FCC to keep the presentation off its web site so as to dissuade copycats. Because, you know, the first place movie pirates go when they’re looking for a copy of the latest Hollywood blockbuster is FCC.gov.

But that wasn’t the only strange part about Huntsberry’s presentation. The Paramount COO seemed like he was out to pick a fight, alleging that a third of the world’s most popular web sites facilitate piracy. Huntsberry’s main point was that it’s getting easier every day to pirate Hollywood’s content, thanks to a new generation of sites and services. He showed off a web site with embedded Flash videos of major motion pictures as proof, but he also singled out three popular services that are all pretty bad picks to support his argument. Continue reading on Newteevee.com.

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