Many people in the online video space are trying to make sense of the lawsuit Joost filed against its former chairman and CEO Mike Volpi earlier today. The lawsuit has something to do with the supposed revelation of trade secrets in connection to the sale of Skype to a group led by Volpi’s new employer Index Ventures (which is also named in the suit, as it invested in Joost). But what does a failed video start-up have in common with a VOIP operator? The answer comes down to one name: Joltid.

Joltid is a P2P technology provider incorporated in British Virgin Islands. It is owned by the Joost and Skype founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom, and its tumultuous history makes the current fight with Volpi, Skype and eBay look like nothing special. Licensing conflicts that lead to the potential shut-down of a market leader? Been there, done that. Continue reading on

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