TVU Networks this week introduced PVR-like functionality for its P2P TV platform, letting subscribers record 300 or so live TV channels from around the world, including Cartoon Network, BBC World News and Telemundo. Users can record shows in real time or schedule them for later. Due to the nature of the service, however, thereís no TiVo-like programming guide available; Mountain View, Calif.-based TVU essentially picks up signals from its broadcast partners and redistributes them with the help of P2P technology.

That also means users have to install the startupís software in order to make use of the DVR functionality ó or watch any of the TV channels in real time, for that matter. And finally, they have to cough up $2 per month for TVUís DVR service. But while all these factors make the service seem unlikely to succeed, something tells me that TVUís audience is a forgiving one. Continue reading on

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