You gotta give him some bonus points for the effort: A fan of the anonymous P2P communications protocol Freenet has launched a site called "The Real Pirate Bay" that tries to convince users of the Pirate Bay to join him. The Pirate Bay, the site argues, has sold out, and it's time to find a good replacement:

"We (as the community that respects freedom over money) need to learn from the mistake and disallow this from happening in the future. If you switch to Demonoid, isoHunt, or your other pet project what is to stop them from selling themselves also? Nothing. So here is the way to beat the system: Go anonymous!"

The appeal is accompanied by a list of things you need to do to share files via Freenet, and that's where the problems start. The list is long. Very long. It's a total of 44 steps and notes - enough to stop many potential users before they even get started. Combine that with advice like ...

"Note: When Frost says "Sending IP address to NSA" it really is a joke, if you don't believe it you can read the source code."

... and you'll understand why there's no way that the Pirate Bay's 20 million concurrent users will suddenly decide to join Frenet.

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