Dutch rights holders were able to obtain a preliminary injunction against the Pirate Bay today, with the court demanding the site be shut down in the Netherlands within 10 days and instituting stiff penalties in the case of non-compliance. Pirate Bay administrators named in the lawsuit have already announced they’re going to appeal the ruling. Pirate Bay spokesman Peter Sunde also tweeted that the ruling is technically unenforceable.

A lot of surreal drama has been surrounding this case, with Dutch rights holders summoning the defendants via Facebook and Twitter and the recipients of these messages claiming that they just have too many friend requests to notice such things. But all jokes aside, things aren’t really looking up for the Pirate Bay crew. Not only are they still facing yet another lawsuit brought against them this week by the MPAA, the Dutch injunction could also lead to a troubling domino effect of lawsuits in various jurisdictions, making it even harder to complete the pending sale of the site. Continue reading on Newteevee.com.

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