The European Anti-Piracy Association (AEPOC) is idemanding that European governments and the EU take a strong stance against piracy. The group, which was founded by cable and satellite TV operators, especially views the recent electoral success of the Pirate Party as an alarm signal for an increasing acceptance of piracy. ""Piracy is not a sport, it remains a theft. The election of the Pirate Party shows there is confusion among voters on this matter," said AEPOC Jean Grenier in a recently published press release.

AEPOC is essentially an industry association of companies that make money with encrypted and otherwise protected TV signals. It counts Rupert Murdoch's British BSkyB network, German Pay-TV provider Premiere as well as technology companies like Motorola and Philips as its members.

The group has mostly been focusing on the fight against illegal pay-TV decoders, but lately it seems to be extending its focus on file sharing as well, and the fact that the Swedish Pirate party was able to get a seat in the EU parliament seems to really bug AEPOC. A success, by the way, that the organization wrongfully attributes to "the closure of 'The Pirate Bay' filesharing website by a Swedish court in April."

The association may not have all its facts straight, but it's nonetheless demanding that politicians and creative industries should draw a clear line against copyright infringement. Confusing people about the legality of file sharing could lead to the Internet becoming a lawless territory. The press release quotes Jean Grenier adding:

"This is particularly relevant with regard to the younger members of our society who are susceptible to the message of the Pirate Party, a message which appears romantic, yet is criminal at its core."

There you have it. Calling for copyright reform is criminal. That Lawrence Lessig guy better watch his mouth!

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