The admins of the German Rapidshare link forum were probably a little uneasy at first when they recently received a letter from a record company in regards to a pre-release leak. The label in question told them that it had found a link to a house remix of a previously unreleased song by the German rapper Hassan Annouri.

However, Annouri's label didn't insist on taking down the song, and it didn't threaten them with any expensive lawsuits either. Instead, it concluded that it was too late to take any action because the genie was already out of the bottle, and expressed the hope that some of the users who downloaded the song would buy Annouri's upcoming record. "Good music doesn't have to be afraid of file sharing," the letter stated, adding that the label would rather make money by selling music instead of hunting down file sharers. responded by adding Annouri's music video to its front page.

There has been some suspicion within the user base that the friendly letter isn't all there is to this story. Some think Annouri's label may have paid some money to advertise his music. Either way, it shows that Annouri knows where to find his fans, and that musicians like him are increasingly unafraid to embrace file sharing.

(via gulli)

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