There has been intense debate in the western press on how to deal with the graphic images that reach us these days from Iran. Matt Mireles of The Business Insider probably said it best today when he wrote:

"If it were up to CNN and the old school broadcast networks, you would have never heard of Neda, the 16-year-old Iranian girl. She was shot in the heart by Iranian Security Forces as the cell phone cameras rolled and her father stood by. More than some sophisticated Internet filtering program, these guardians of the TV screen were the real censors."

Mireles continued to that these pictures changed the way he viewed the ongoing protests in Iran, and embedded Youtube videos showing the murder - only to have them removed by his editor "for the sensitivity of our readers."

Granted, the Insider is still linking to the videos - but you'll have to log into Youtube and tell them you're over 18 if you follow the links. One has to wonder whether mainstream video sites will sooner or later start to remove some of this footage as well, or possibly lock them behind even higher walls.

Don't expect any of those sensitivity protections on P2P sites. The Pirate Bay has been vocal in its support for the protesting students of Iran with the launch of the forum, and the torrent site is also increasingly becoming a repository for citizen footage from Iran. Case in point, just take a look at this bog post listing more than 50 torrents with videos from Tehran.

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