Remember Snocap? Right, Shawn Fanning's latest venture. Snocap wanted to build a central registry / clearinghouse for licensed (read: filtered) P2P platforms. Mashboxx should have been their first customer. That was two years ago - and the over-announced Mashboxx beta test is still nowhere to be seen. The funders probably got a little upset - and so Snocap decided to branch out.

The result can be seen now on Myspace and elsewhere: A Flash-based downoad shop widget for independent artists that are part of the Snocap Idol rights management database. The widget can be integrated into social networks and other websites that don't offer any support for more complex e-commerce solutions. The whole thing looks like this:

Snocap Store Widget

Snocap uses Paypal to facilitate the payment process. Interesting about this is that Snocap specifically targets Indie musicians and apparently doesn't intend to use any form of DRM for the downloads. From their FAQ:

"Q: Can I copy my music to a CD?
A: Yes. As the format is mp3, you can copy it to a CD or any other place that you like."

(via hypebot)

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