Niche game publishing company Linux Game Publishing has announced that it will start offering downloadable games as rentals as well as for sale, according to the German Pro-Linux magazine. Games like X3, Jets'n'Guns and Sacred will be made available through reseller's webistes, and users will be able to purchase keys to play the games. Okay, you might ask, but what would happen if someone bought a key, only to lose the unlocked copy due to a hard disk crash? Linux Game Publishing is promising to make games available for re-download indefinitely.

I know, that's a pretty bold promise, especially since the company could go out of business some day. Well, no worries: Linux Game Publishing has committed to making games available via Bittorrent if it ever had to close shop. Nice idea, but there's one caveat that might seriously impact the availability of seeds for these titles: The P2P-distributed games will also be locked, so only legitimate owners will be able to play them.

This isn't exactly the first time game publisher is embracing P2P. Even some of the biggest companies in the industry use Bittorrent and similar protocols to distribute demos and updates for their titles. Word of Warcraft for example is using a dedicated "Blizzard downloader" based on the Bittorrent protocol.

Some indie game designers have also started to embrace piracy as increased promotion, or even completely changed their business model in order to make money with ads rather than sales.

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