The new Pew blogging study already made some waves in the world of online journalism. Pew reported that impressive 39 percent of the US online population read blogs. Eight percent maintain their own blog.

I thought another aspect was very interesting as well: Bloggers and blog readers seem to be more racially diverse than their fellow surfers that don't read blogs. From the study:

"Another distinguishing characteristic is that bloggers are less likely to be white than the general internet population. Sixty percent of bloggers are white, 11% are African American, 19% are English-speaking Hispanic and 10% identify as some other race. By contrast, 74% of internet users are white, 9% are African American, 11% are English-speaking Hispanic and 6% identify as some other race."

Also, bloggers and their audience are about evenly divided by gender. This seems to prove the cliche of the white male teenage blogger wrong. No word about the pizza boxes tho.

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