I guess imitation really is one of the sincerest forms of flattery: The folks behind the Pirate Bay announced a VPN project called Ipredator when Sweden enacted strict copyright laws also known as the IPRED legislation on the 1st of April this year. So what did French Internet activists do when their politicians voted for anti-file sharing legislation in May? You guessed it, they launched a VPN service of their own.

The French forcing ISPs to disconnect file sharers after three cases of suspected infringement is called HADOPI, and the VPN service that's supposed to prevent such disconnects goes by the name IDOPAH. The service is currently in a private beta, and it developers are writing about their work towards a commercial launch on their blog.

What's interesting about the blog is that it also deals with rather touchy subjects for VPN providers. The most recent post asks the question: How can you provide truly anonymous VPN services without aiding the distribution of child porn?

The IDOPAH developers don't seem to have an answer yet, but they're apparently considering to keep some sort of log on a server that would dstroy the data unless it's accessed by the admins themselves. It remains to be seen wheter ideas like this will go over well with potential users of IDOPAH.

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