Vote arrr die: Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde aka brokep has thrown his support behind the Green Party for next week's election to the European parliament, diminishing the hopes of the Pirate Party to establish itself as the sole political voice of the file sharing world. Sunde used a short Bambuser clip to endorse the Green Party, telling viewers that they "have to vote Green in the upcoming elections, where ever you are in Europe."

Sunde's endorsement came as part of a new Pirate Bay campaign aimed at getting people to vote in the upcoming election. The Diddy-like named "Vote or die 2009" campaign is a collaboration with the Swedish live streaming site Bambuser and encourages users to "make their voice heard" by recording short videos related to the election, and presumably follow up with going to the polls.

The Pirate Bay has always insisted of not having a political agenda, but many in the file sharing world have been assuming that it's closely aligned with the Pirate Party. The Swedish arm of the Pirate Party became better known around the world after the Pirate Bay raid in 2006, and it has been benefiting a lot from the recent court case against the Pirate Bay. Current polls put the Swedish Pirates at six percent, which would be enough to get the party seated in the European parliament.

However, the Pirate Party hasn't really been doing all that well in other countries. Germany's Pirates are currently aiming for 0.5 percent. Leading candidate Andreas Popp recently told Torrentfreak that even 0.5 percent "would be a big step" because it would allow the party to receive public funding.

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