P2P video startup Vuze quietly launched an adult video download service called Studio HD earlier this year. Studio HD offers an unlimited number of HD porn video downloads for a monthly fee that are subsequently facilitated through Vuzeís BitTorrent client. The company told me that Studio HD is a template for other premium services it plans to launch.

A premium adult outlet seems to be logical step for a company like Vuze, given the popularity of porn on P2P networks, but itís also another indicator of how difficult it is to monetize P2P. Vuze has raised a total of $32 million in funding. Plans to sell rentals of major TV networks didnít work out, and Vuze was forced to lay off 24 people last year as well as move out of its costly downtown Palo Alto, Calif., office space. And while Vuze (aka Azureus) used to be the most popular BitTorrent client, it has lost steam to competitors like uTorrent. Continue reading on Newteevee.com.

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