Every family has someone who does all the tech support — you know, the guy who gets a call Friday night at 9 p.m. if Aunt Emma’s LCD picture frame doesn’t work. Chances are, if you read this blog, you are that person. Well, guess what: Your life is about to get even busier. San Francisco-based backup software startup Cucku wants you to safe-keep all of your family’s data.

Cucku has been offering a Skype-based buddy-to-buddy backup solution since late last year. The company is rolling out version 2.0 today, which includes multiperson support, as well as a neat sneakernet component as an answer to those slow upload rates we’ve been complaining about. Cucku is trying to establish itself in a crowded and increasingly brutal backup and storage solutions market, with companies like Crashplan and Zoogmo already offering buddy back-ups. But Cucku may be onto something with the idea of pairing up novices with more experienced users. Continue reading on Gigaom.com.

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