The European Parliament has voted against a so-called Three Strikes policy of disconnecting file sharers, with an overwhelming majority insisting on a judicial review before any ISP disconnects its users due to file sharing allegations, as Ars Technica and Torrentfreak are reporting.

This decision has given online activists hope that they will be able to prevent Three Strikes laws being passed in France, the UK and other European countries. Ars quotes a French Internet activist saying that "the French 'three strikes' scheme, HADOPI, is dead."

Seems like the French government hasn't quite gotten that message yet. France's secretary of culture Christine Albanel has already declared that her government still wants to pass the controversial HADOPI legislation. Albanel believes that the decision of the EU parliament has "no effect" on HADOPI, according to futurezone. She also said that there is "not a single country on the world" that guarantees its citizens Internet access.

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