External hard disk and server manufacturer Lacie has bought the social P2P storage and sharing service Wua.la, according to the Wua.la blog. Wua.la calls the acquisition a "merger", but the press release sent out by Wua.la today makes it clear who is merging with whom:

"The nine staff members that influence the development and operation of Wuala will remain with the company. They will join a team of LaCie members who will drive efforts to evolve the technology, adding new features and capabilities that will be integrated into a range of LaCie storage solutions."

Wua.la has been offering a Java-based cloud storage application that makes it possible to securely share files with your friends. It also utilizes some interesting P2P technology to store your data redundantly in the cloud. I've previously reviewed Wua.la here and written about some important updates here.

Maybe one reason the Wua.la folks call this a merger is the fact that this isn't just a technology acquisition. Wua.la will continue to operate its service and soon expand it to Lacie hardware. From a just-released FAQ:

"Soon, there will be additional offers and products with Wuala running on it. The merger will not affect your current use of Wuala at all. We will continue to work on Wuala, just like we've been doing during the last several months."

I've always thought Wua.la was a product with a lot of potential, it's exciting to see this expand to a more general consumer audience.

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