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06/08 2006 | 11:51 AM
Posted by: Janko Roettgers
Jon just announced on his blog that he left San Diego for San Francisco, where he will be working for DoubleTwist Ventures. Guess he got a little bored in SoCal since Michael Robertson doesn't seem to have any reverse engineering plans for Well, or maybe it's about other things.

So who is DoubleTwist Ventures? Good question. Apparently they were founded in February 2006 by Monique Farantzos as an icubator for a social networking startup. Reverse engineering proprietary rights management technologies seems to be the second leg of the stool. Looks like something to keep an eye on.

Gigaom has an intersting story today about Jon Johansen's new company Doubletwist Ventures. The company is working on reverse engineering proprietary rights management technologies as well as social networking applications.

One of the first products will apparently be some sort of emulation for Apple's Fairplay DRM system. Customers will be able to use Fairplay without licensing it from Apple - which is good for them, because Apple is known for not letting any other children play in its own walled garden.

The real goal for this seems to be movies, not music. From Gigaom:

"(Johansen) and Farantzos were giddy about the prospect of Apple’s iTV, hoping companies will pay up to get movies on the set-top box when it comes out, after seeing the ill effects of being shut off the iPod."

Oh, and they already have one so far anonymous customer - so expect some results soon.

01/01 2007 | 08:20 PM
Posted by: Janko Roettgers
Is it too late of yet another look back at 2006? Not according to VH1, those folks are still busy reviewing the 80ies. Anyway, here's a quick list of the most popular stories of 2006:

1. Allofmp3 is giving away entire catalogue

2. 60 percent of P2P video downloads are porn

3. Allofmp3 vows to continue despite tougher copyright laws

4. Azureus 3.0 and Zudeo: Some first impressions

5. Germany: P2P lawsuits cost taxpayers millions

6. Allpeers review

7. Rob Lord: Songbird will be more disruptive than Firefox

8. TIOTI: The next step for Bittorrent TV downloading

9. Online Music Recorder: A free replacement for

10. Snocap starts selling MP3s through web widgets

P2P Blog started in early summer 2006, and the first few months were admittedly a little slow, so this list might not be the best indicator for what was really important in the P2P space in 2006. But it's still always nice to take a look back.

Oh, and while we're at it ... here's the list of most requested search engine key phrases that led folks to P2P Blog:

1. relakks
2. allpeers review
3. azureus 3.0
4. redswoosh p2p
5. doubletwist ventures
6. zudeo
7. p2p blog
8. p2p
9. relakks review
10. music for masses

Okay, enough lists and charts. 2006 was an exciting year to start P2P Blog, and I think 2007 will have a lot to offer as well. So stay tuned, and happy new year!