Zattoo is about to follow Joost in its footsteps and launch a browser-based version of its P2P TV service, according to the German online magazine

Zattoo apparently wants to test the browser-based approach with a limited number of users before a wider release is made available online. And who would use the new web platform? Casual users and women - at least that's what the folks at Zattoo believe, according to

Zattoo is a live P2P streaming service that so far launched in eight European countries. Zattoo has had less problems that Joost with its P2P technology because its users watch the same channels at the same time, making it essier to distribute the video data. The company announced three million registered users last July, and has since started to roll out premium services in some countries.

However, the service doesn't seem to be popular everywhere. Zattoo announced in early March that it will leave Belgium because of lack of interest of local Internet users.

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