The New York Times published a good piece about movie and TV piracy today, which essentially rehashes the whole discussion about torrent and streaming media piracy for a more mainstream audience. The paper did get a few small things wrong, most notably the home country of Torrentfreak, but it also got one important point right: Piracy is so prevalent that you can't just litigate it out of existence.

That message even seems to have reached Hollywood. From the article:

"John Malcolm, the (MPAA's) director of worldwide antipiracy operations, said that although the group does not sue individuals for watching pirated videos, other lawsuits against Web sites are forthcoming, and he acknowledged that the challenge is stiff. 'There are a lot of very technologically sophisticated people out there who are very good at this and very good at hiding,' Mr. Malcolm said. 'We have limited resources to bring to the fight.' "

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