The folks at the Pirate Bay released a Google Maps mash-up Wednesday that illustrates its worldwide user base, with exact percentages by country. Itís a pretty fascinating project in that it helps to dispel certain myths about BitTorrent, namely that while piracy may be a global phenomenon, swapping movies via the Pirate Bay definitely isnít. For example, did you know there are roughly as many BitTorrent users in Portugal as there are in all of the African countries put together? And that downloaders in Spain are neck-in-neck with those of the U.S. for the No. 2 slot?

Of course, a map like this doesnít tell us everything. Itís only a temporary snapshot of the Pirate Bayís user base, which could change any day. Previous studies have also indicated that folks in some countries just tend to prefer other P2P protocols to get their movies and TV shows. But the information it provides can help us map out the world of online piracy. Continue reading on

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