Don Reisinger thinks that President Obama should, but probably won't use Bittorrent to distribute official government information.

pic of inauguration

From his post over at CNet:

"President Obama should look to BitTorrent as an ideal way to get the word out. The distributed network reduces the cost of running data centers by allowing all the network's users to share the load. It makes sense to me."

Well, guess what? You don't need to wait for a server to do this. Government communication has always been part of the public domain in the US. Obama's new White House website went one step further and for the first time released all third-party submissions to under the liberal CC-BY Creative Commons license.

This means that all material from, including Obama's weekly video podcast, can legally be shared through P2P networks. You can upload torrents of these videos to The Pirate Bay, or you could even start your own Bittorrent site dedicated to US government material. I know, Bush Torrents gave us all a chuckle, but how about a site that is truly dedicated to Obama torrents?

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