I did a story about Digg and similiar sites the other day for a German news website. Kevin Rose replied to a few of my questions - but due to time constraints the quotes unfortunately didn't make it in the original story. Which is why I decided to share some of them with the readers of this fine blog.

I think his comments on the upcoming Digg visualization features are especially interesting, because these features definitely sound pretty cool. Kevin said two features called "Digg incoming" and "Digg swarm" will launch towards the end of this month. Here's what they'll look like, as described by the Diggfather himself:

"digg Incoming: Think of incoming as a combination of an excel clustered column bar graph and the game of tetris. Every time a user diggs a story another block falls from the sky, causing the graph to grow taller. This will be one of the first tools that enables users to see real-time activities from several hundred newly submitted stories at once. The larger the graph, the more users are digging the story.

digg Swarm: Swarm is a graphical representation of diggers gathering or swarming around stories. On mouse over, swarm also draws real-time connections between stories that have similar diggers. The larger the bubble grows in the swarm, the more activity occurring within that story."

You can see some of those visualizations here and here (together with a very funny interview, courtesy of Geek TV), but this explanation definitely helped me to understand what the hell was going on in these visualizations.

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