The story about Bittorrent causing an Internet meltdown is still blowing up in people's faces. Richard Bennett, who started the whole thing earlier this week with an article on The Register, backtracked today with a follow-up article, admitting that he "incorrectly characterized" Bittorrent's move to UDP.

That apparently didn't stop Eric Krangel over at the Silicon Alley Insider, who decided to follow up about the story with Skype, and then put his own spin on Skype's answer. Krangel's article is titled "Skype: BitTorrent Protocol Change Might Kill Service", but none of his quotes actually support the fact that the folks over at Skype believe this could be the case.

Skype responded with a comment:

"As a PR representative for the company, I feel that you misrepresented the response that Skype provided you with. (...) (T)he attention grabbing headline you've used is quite a bit inaccurate. (...) (T)he shift by uTorrent to UDP file transfers will have no impact on Skype traffic in Canada. So, it looks to me like you’ve made a whole lot out of nothing. "

If only the Internet collapsed already. We all would have so much better stories to write.

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