P2P users and Open Source advocates alike were a little perplexed when news got out last month that the French music industry association SPPF is suing Sourceforge as part of a lawsuit campaign against P2P vendors. Sourceforge has been hosting the Open Source multi-network P2P client Shareaza, and SPPF aparently wanted them to stop doing so. Or so we all thought.

It looks like the reality is far more grim. Informationweek is reporting today that Sourceforge apparently got targeted because "its engineers carried out the development of (Shareaza)". Someone apparently really didn't understand Sourceforge. Or Open Source in general. Or what exactly a hosting provider does. Or this whole Internet thing.

pic of sourceforge shareaza

Sourceforge meanwhile figured out its own way to react to the lawsuit. It declared Shareaza the project of the month and featured the P2P client on its home page.

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