Covering a company like Limewire is fun, but at times a little confusing. Limewire used to be all about its Gnutella client, but has recently branched out and is now operating an online music store, a podcast directory, a social networking / blog site, an experimental web app platform, and soon an ad network, among other things.

Well, what can I say: It looks like the Limewire universe has just expanded yet another time, because the company apparently recently launched a domain name registrar and web hosting service. The site, which is somewhat predictably called Limedomains, currently offers fairly standard deals for bloggers who want to set up an installation of Wordpress or a similar CMS in a shared hosting environment.

pic of lime domains logo

It is run by Lime Labs, which is technically a sister company of Limewire, but the About page lists Limewire execs like Mark Gorton and George Searle as part of the Limedomains team.

Running a domain registrar certainly makes sense for Limewire, because all those folks that start blogs at might eventually want to buy their own domain names. Being a domain registrar is also a great way to make some money with advertising. In fact, many registrars nowadays generate the majority of their revenue with ads placed on parked domain pages. Limedomains pages for parked domains already feature an ad for the pro version of the Limewire client, but I wouldn't be too surprised to see ads from the company's upcoming ad network pop up on those pages as well.

So is it all just a small side project to make a few extra bucks? That's what I thought - until I found this mission statement on the Internic website:

" plans to become the leader in domain name registration and hosting over the next 5 years. In recent years, the internet has evolved such that users who used to be primarily information seekers have now started to create a web identity via expression. There has been significant growth in community content driven services like wikis, blogs etc. LimeDomains aims to create a niche in providing individuals worldwide an easy way to host applications by utilizing its next generation hosting platform."

With the next generation hosting platform obviously being Limespot. Or maybe Limebits? Or even the yet to be launched As I said: It's confusing.

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