Limewire announced today that its music store will start to carry 60 albums from Comedy Central Records. The record company has released various spoken word records from comedians who have appeared on Comedy Central. Fortune Magazine sums it up this way:

"The pact with Comedy Central is Lime Wire's first partnership with a major entertainment company. George Searle, Lime Wire's CEO, said it shows that his company actually has something beneficial to offer its adversaries in the entertainment industry."

I'm usually not blogging about licensing announcements related to the Limewire store because frankly I don't think the store contributes much to either Limewire's or the labels' bottom line, but this one is interesting precisely because Comedy Central is owned by Viacom - the same company that has sued Youtube for copyright infringement. It's really going to be interesting to see what a company like Viacom will do once Limewire rolls out the P2P revenue sharing opportunities it has been working on.

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