No, I don't think all advertising on P2P networks is spam. Yes, I think there is a business opportunity for these kinds of things somewhere. And yes, I'd really like to believe that everyone involved in this space is an upstanding citizen, playing by the rules, avoiding black hat SEO, just distributing content that people are really interested in and not pretending to offer something or be someone else. And then stuff like this happens.

My article about P2Pwords that got published by Gigaom yesterday
got no comments at all for the first few hours. Then, around 9pm, there were suddenly ten or so comments within minutes, all slamming the article and defending the company that does P2Pwords. They were all under different user names, but originated all from the same single IP address. The folks over at Gigaom decided to do what you do with spam like this: Erase and block it.

Our colleagues over at the LA Times apparently didn't catch the astroturfing attempt. John Healey's article features more than a dozen comments. And guess what those folks think of P2Pwords? Well, have a read:

"This is amazing!"

"The potential for marketing seems incredible. It sounds like you've done your homework and see it as a pretty lucrative innovation."

"Why didn't google think of this?"

"Cool.....finally a company with real technology that embraces and enhances the p2p market...good Stuff Brand Asset Digital!"

"nice to see a privately owned company step in with some fresh new ideas to stir things up abit."

And then some ... I wouldn't be at all surprised if most of opt all of these comments are from the same Cox Cable subscriber that let his multiple personalities run wild on Gigaom ...

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