Still wondering why there is so much spam on torrent sites? You know what I mean: Fake files, dubious videos with long titles that promise anything and everything, and tons of e-books that are supposed to get you rich and laid.

The entertainment industry is known to spread fake files to frustrate file sharers, but the truth is that most of these files are actually just from spammy affiliate marketers trying to make a buck. And they're not just submitting their stuff by hand anymore, but increasingly use automated tools to automatically submit their content.

One of these programs goes by the name Torrent Blaster - and it promises to be a true money machine. From the Torrent Blaster website:

" After 6 months, I had been making over 70 dollars a day without having to work more than 10 minutes a week, uploading just one torrent a week."

The website also shows a screenshot of the program, uploading a fake Lenny Kravitz torrent to Bytenova.

pic of torrentblaster screenshot

Of course, bloggers have been struggling with automatic submission tools for comment spam for a while now. The good news is that there are some pretty sophisticated technologies out there that make it possible to detect whether a human or a dumb application submits something to your site.

Real spammers deal with this by constantly updating their algorithms and taking part in an endless cat and mouse game with spam fighters. Applications like the Torrent Blaster on the other hand that are marketed as a one-off solution are destined to fail in this game. You'll spend 29 bucks, get piece of software that is likely to get you banned on any technically sound torrent site on the planet - and the only one profiting from it is a guy who apparently likes to hang out on Go figure.

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