The Democrats are nominating Barack Obama as their presidential candidate while I'm writing these lines, and the Republicans will follow up with John McCain next week. Much has been said about the candidate's tech policies, and even more fun has been made of the fact that one of them can't use a computer - but how popular are they with the P2P crowd?

I decided to find out b searching for torrents related to the candidates on Mininova. And guess what? Barack Obama had the upper hand, at least when it comes to the number of torrents. 34 downloads were directly related to the democratic candidate. McCain on the other hand only has 14 torrents related to him up on the internets.

Of course, the fact that a file features your name doesn't necessarily translate into any kind of approval. In fact, one of Barack's files with the most seeders is the audio version of the book "The Case Against Barack Obama", and two others promise damaging material about the candidate. Most of the torrents featuring Obama's name seem to be supportive though. Users have distributed a number of his speeches as well as audio version of his books through Bittorrent.

That's in stark contrast to McCain, of whom you won't find a single speech on Mininova. Instead, most files seem to be excerpts from TV shows where he appeared alongside Ellen DeGeneres, Jay Leno, Jon Stewart or David Letterman.

Finally, there is at least one indicator how some people in the P2P scene feel about he two candidates. Someone recently dedicated a release of an epsiode of Battlestar Galactica to Obama. Kind of makes you wonder which show would be appropriate for McCain, doesn't it?

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